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This is serious 18-SX
Pls think more than a million times before opening this (read more) sign

shiny karu: Ayaka-chan~~
NekoUriko7: Ta-chan ?
shiny karu: Been awhile, you've forgotten me already? *looks hurt*
NekoUriko7: NO! thats not ...it ..*trys to smile* who could forget you
shiny karu: *squints* That's a rather feeble smile. Everything okay?
NekoUriko7: yes everythings fine .. how are you?
shiny karu: Can't complain I suppose.
NekoUriko7: really .. who have you done thus far?
shiny karu: *holds hand over eyes* Ugh...it's been a dry spell. Four whole days and nothing, can you believe that?
NekoUriko7: *bites lips holding back the laughter * thats kinda hard to believe
shiny karu signed off at 6:31:05 PM.
shiny karu signed on at 6:32:56 PM.
NekoUriko7: your back ..
shiny karu: Sorry about that, went all screwy
NekoUriko7: it dose that a lot
shiny karu: Yesh >_<
NekoUriko7: I dont like aol much becuase of it
shiny karu: Actually for me MSN messes things up more -_-
NekoUriko7: msn has never messed up on me before ... yahoo better though .. in my opion
NekoUriko7: and thats spelled wrong =/
shiny karu: Yahoo annoys me for some reason, dunno why...hehe
NekoUriko7: its annyos half the people I know too , thats maybe the reason I like
NekoUriko7: *it
shiny karu: hehehe
NekoUriko7: so where were we ?
shiny karu: I was mourning my celibacy streak
NekoUriko7: thats right o_o
NekoUriko7: shiny karu: *holds hand over eyes* Ugh...it's been a dry spell. Four whole days and nothing, can you believe that?
NekoUriko7: *bites lips holding back the laughter * thats kinda hard to believe
shiny karu: *nods a little sadly* I know...it's hard for me to believe too, but it's true.
NekoUriko7: aww I wish I could do something
shiny karu: It's alright...I'll live. Maybe. *dramatic sigh*
NekoUriko7: *pats*
NekoUriko7: you'll live I think.
shiny karu: You think? That's doesn't sound reassuring.
NekoUriko7: Its your life Ta-chan if you choose to live you will other wise your better off dead * sighs*
shiny karu: *contemplates a life with no sex and shudders* Scary.
NekoUriko7: *snicker* so my kissing sucks ne?
shiny karu: Well if I remember correctly, it used to. Have you been practicing like a good girl?
NekoUriko7: weeeeeeeellllll....
shiny karu: 'Weeeeeelll'? *raises an eyebrow*
NekoUriko7: I kinda did .... sort of ...
shiny karu: Oh do tell
NekoUriko7: well Yuki ...*begins to mummble* and then we kissed .... and yeah.. but thats not really practicing now is it ..
NekoUriko7: *looks around*
shiny karu: *a little shocked* Yuki?! My brother Yuki?
NekoUriko7: your one and only Nii-san
shiny karu: That's....surprising
NekoUriko7: yes.it was .. its was unexpected
shiny karu: And? How was it?
NekoUriko7: it was nice .. *_*
shiny karu: ......was it. How...nice.
NekoUriko7: yeah .... *zones out*
shiny karu: *snaps fingers in front of your face* Ayaka-chan?
NekoUriko7: *jumps* yes Ta-chan?
shiny karu: You looked a little spacey there
NekoUriko7: hehe ..sorry
shiny karu: *crosses arms over chest and glares a little* Was it really that good?
NekoUriko7: better than yours .. *avoids eye contact and smirks alittle*
shiny karu: *growls and reaches to pull you close, but stops at the last second to get his anger under control* Oh? He is rather skilled, I'll admit to that
NekoUriko7: *stares up at you and nodds being alottle frightend*
NekoUriko7: *alittle
shiny karu: *softens my scowl and smiles a little* Sorry...that just shook me a bit
NekoUriko7: what did ... the fact that he can kiss better or that he can kiss better than you and you havent had any in 4 days?
shiny karu: *leans back and smirks* He can only kiss better then me...sometimes. He's even admitted to me himself that my kisses leave him weak in the knees sometimes. You just don't have a very good comparison, that's all. And don't remind me about the 4 days. *winces*
NekoUriko7: well I really wouldnt know since none of your kisses have done that to me yet and and as for the thing ... alright I wont
shiny karu: Yet? *grins* Are you implying there will be more kisses from me?
NekoUriko7: I should learn to choose my words more carefully *mummbles and blushes * I dont know am I?
shiny karu: *slowly stalks forward* Do you want more my lovely Ayaka-chan? *runs a finger down your cheek*
NekoUriko7: *blush deppens * ummmm uhh
shiny karu: I've never bothered with my brother's...property...before, but there are always exceptions. *trails finger over your lips and slowly grins* Ummmm uhh? Is that a yes?
NekoUriko7: 'property ' ? ...*glares * it was a yes til now .
NekoUriko7: *till
shiny karu: That's what you want to be isn't it?
NekoUriko7: he has Shuichi ....just as much as he has me .... so why am I his property ? is Shuichi too ? *sighs* I hate these questions
shiny karu: You're right....questions can be tiresome. *leans down and softly brushes my lips across yours in the lightest of kisses* Forgive me?
NekoUriko7: *nods* haii..*is alittle suprised*
shiny karu: Good. *smiles and kisses your forehead*
NekoUriko7: heh. * leans up and kisses your cheek* one of your good qualitys in which your brother dosent show offten is that your sweet .
shiny karu: I try. Plus the fact that he can be a complete idiot works in my favor too. *chuckles*
NekoUriko7: he can?
shiny karu: Of course. Would a smart guy leave a girl like you alone with a guy like me? *grins wickedly*
NekoUriko7: heh... um I guess not *looks at ground and sways back and forth*
shiny karu: *tilts your head up* A pretty girl should always look straight
NekoUriko7: why is it that you make me blush so easily ...*looks up at you*
shiny karu: Maybe you don't hear compliments as often as you should...*twirls a lock of your hair around my finger*
NekoUriko7: I guess your right cause your the only person who even compilments me ..*sighs*
shiny karu: The others are idiots....
NekoUriko7: no maybe your just different?
shiny karu: Maybe. .Ayaka-chan? *leans down and whispers across your ear* Could I ask you to help me with something?
NekoUriko7: sure what?
shiny karu: *slowly pulls you towards the couch* Well...as I mentioned earlier...it's been 4 whole days...I could use a little...help. *flashes a brilliant smile at you*
NekoUriko7: umm *eyes widen * I guess.. I ..*has gone from calm to nervous *
shiny karu: Don't worry...*coos and pulls you down to sit next to me on the couch* I won't...do...anything to you. But if you could help me relieve a little of my tension I would love you for it. *leans head back against the couch and tries a pleading look*
NekoUriko7: and how would I do that?
shiny karu: *looks suggestively at my lap, then lifts your hand to my lips and kisses the backs of your fingers* A feminine touch is always very nice...*raises my eyebrows and grins slightly*
NekoUriko7: down there? I've never done this before * looks down *
shiny karu: There's a first time for everything isn't there? But if you'd rather not....*looks like a downcast puppy*
NekoUriko7: I would if you told me what to do ..
shiny karu: *chuckles softly and places a kiss on the side of your mouth* Maybe I should guide you to start off with? *unbuckles my jeans then takes your hand in mine, placing your hand over my erection straining against my cotton boxers* Have you ever touched it before?
NekoUriko7: no never ....* turns red ~ what have I goten myself into..oh well its not like I mind it ~*
shiny karu: We'll go slowly then...just tell me if you want to stop...*slowly moves your hand up and down the cotton material, letting my eyes droop a little with pleasure*
NekoUriko7: it looks easy enough ...*looks up at you*
shiny karu: It's very easy. Think you can do it alone? *arches an eyebrow in question*
NekoUriko7: I'll try ... *gently moving hand up and down like he had thought*
shiny karu: Mmmm....that's right...*lifts both hands and runs them through your hair, pulling your head to mine for a deep kiss*
NekoUriko7: mmm *actcidently grabs , then losens grip and kisses back*
shiny karu: *winces a little but doesn't complain, pulls back from the kiss to whisper,* That's good Ayaka-chan...would you mind...touching my skin now?
NekoUriko7: like this? *hand gose in boxers and dose the same as before* sorry I'm just very inexperianced..
shiny karu: *groans a little and nods* You're doing more then fine...don't apologize, have...mmmm....confidence in yourself...
NekoUriko7: *gets alittle faster than before* ok .. *leans over and puts my head on you shoulder*
shiny karu: *purrs and turns my head to kiss the top of your head, my hips rocking against your hand* Uhhnnnn...that's perfect Akaya-chan...you're perfect...
NekoUriko7: *lets out a little laugh* I'm glad to see your enjoying this *feels some kind of subtance agaisnt my hand * umm..*I guess thats normal..and resumes to what I was doing *
shiny karu: Mmm hmmm...very enjoyable...you're an expert already Ayaka-chan...just a little more...*closes my eyes and groans low in my throat*
NekoUriko7: *kisses your neck , hand gets faster not really slowing down*
shiny karu: *is a little startled at the kiss but gives a satisfied grin before arching my neck to the side and rocking my hips against your hand* Don't bite...hard...*gives a slightly out of breath laugh*
NekoUriko7: *nibbles at the your neck*
shiny karu: Don't do that or I may not be able to control....*groans and stiffens, trying to hold back the wave of orgasm that threatened to spill over*
NekoUriko7: *wonders ~ if I were to stop ... what would happen when I pulled my hand .... what on my hand anyways? ....I really need to stop asking myself these questions ... what if I sucked at it ... insted of using my hand ... geessh I really need to concentraet..* conrol what ? *sucks at your neck and nibbles at it alittle more*
NekoUriko7: *concentrate
NekoUriko7: *control
shiny karu: Control...myself....damn Ayaka-chan that feels good...*pulls your head up and ravishes your mouth with mine, tasting you deeply*
NekoUriko7: mmmhrph..*closes eyes and gives in to the kiss*
shiny karu: *moans against your mouth* I'm...cumming...Ayaka-chan mmmmm....*stiffens and arches against your hand, grunting as I cum hard*
NekoUriko7: ooh so thats what it was *smirks, pulls hand up to see what was there and for some wired reason unknown to me I lick it off my fingers , then places hand back down there and motions up and down*
shiny karu: *purrs at the erotic picture of you licking your fingers and suddenly pulls you on top of me* Now now my little Ayaka-chan, it's not nice to tease like that...
NekoUriko7: *smirks* really ... I didnt know ..* sounds innocent*
shiny karu: I can't guarantee your safety if you do anymore of that. *licks a drop of cum from the corner of your mouth and grins* Thank you for helping me.
NekoUriko7: Safety huh ? *smiles* your welcome
shiny karu: Mmmhhmm. Safety. *runs my hands slowly up and down your back*
NekoUriko7: hey... *back arches * that tickles
shiny karu: Oh I'm sorry....*continues to rub*
NekoUriko7: *leans foward resting head on the side of your neck and licks it*
shiny karu: *growls and bunches the back of your shirt in my fist* I warned you....this is your last chance, another move like that and my promises are out the window
NekoUriko7: a move like this *nibbles at the nape of your neck then kisses you *
shiny karu: *moves you back onto the couch next to me and puts my hand on the back of your head* Bad girl...now you'll have to take your punishment....*pushes your head slowly down to my hardening cock*
NekoUriko7: I see how your going to be ..* opens mouth and starts sucking*
shiny karu: Mmmmm that's right....suck harder...*twists my fingers in your hair and grunts*
NekoUriko7: *dose what was told to do and sucks harder*
shiny karu: *pulls your head up and looks into your eyes, breath coming unevenly* Say my name....
NekoUriko7: Tatsuha ...*licks my lips*
shiny karu: *catches your tongue between my lips and sucks on it lightly before pushing your head once more to my throbbing cock* Say it again...
NekoUriko7: Tatsuha * finding this quite amusing*
shiny karu: Good....take me in your mouth Ayaka-chan
NekoUriko7: * sucks harder than before letting tougne roll around *
shiny karu: *slips my hand under your shirt and trails my fingers over the soft skin of your back*
NekoUriko7: *quivers and laughs alittle resumeing to what I was doing*
shiny karu: *releases the hook of your bra and slides my hand down the slope of your breast* Ayaka-chan...that feels amazing....mmmm
NekoUriko7: *twiches alittle at your touch likeing how it felt* mmmmhmm
shiny karu: *tugs your head a little to look into your eyes* I want more...if you don't want to give it, you should leave now
NekoUriko7: *thinks about it then shakes head * I'm not planing on leaving any time soon ... unless you want too ..*licks side of lip *
shiny karu: *grins and reaches to tug your shirt over your head along with your bra* Does it look like I want to move? *slowly runs my eyes over you and narrows my eyes* You're beautiful...
NekoUriko7: *turns red* thank you..
shiny karu: *leans forward and flicks out my tongue, barely brushing it over your nipple*
NekoUriko7: *quivers* mmnn
shiny karu: Ayaka-chan....*slowly strokes my erection and looks at you with droopy eyes* Get undressed for me...
NekoUriko7: * smirks and begins to undress taking every artical of clothing off *
shiny karu: Mmmm....good...now come sit on my lap like a good girl
NekoUriko7: *sits on your lap facing towarss you and pts my arms around your neck*
shiny karu: *puts my hands on your hips and slowly rubs my cock against you*
NekoUriko7: *stiffens * ahh..
shiny karu: Are you ready Ayaka-chan? *pauses*
NekoUriko7: yes *nods*
shiny karu: *presses my lips to yours as I slowly push inside you, moaning as I feel your hot moistness stretch around me*
NekoUriko7: *growns alittle and I feel some pain *ahh .. mmm..
shiny karu: Just a little more Ayaka-chan...*grunts as I push fully inside you* Are you okay?
NekoUriko7: * I let out a light scream it wasnt very loud and nods*
shiny karu: Good girl...here we go...*bucks my hips up underneath you*
NekoUriko7: ahh Tatsuhaaa *purrs*
shiny karu: Mmmmm yes...I love when you say my name...*tilts my head forward and takes a nipple between my teeth, tugging slightly as I rock inside you*
NekoUriko7: that feels nice * breaths in slowly*
shiny karu: Only nice? *starts to suck on the nipple*
NekoUriko7: ooookkk its better than just nice ..*leans head back*
shiny karu: Glad to hear it....now ride me Ayaka-chan....
NekoUriko7: how do I do that may I ask ....
shiny karu: Just move your hips...do what your body tells you...
NekoUriko7: *begins to rock foward then down , closing my eyes * would...it.. be easier if you did it?
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