sakuma_tatsuha (sakuma_tatsuha) wrote in gravitation_ooc,

Tatsuha's Availability

Life is giving Tatsuha-mun a huge kick in the ass right now with busyness, so Tatsuha may be slow with replies. I'll try to check the community as often as I can though.

*spreads da Tats love around to all*


P.S. Tatsuha would like to take this opportunity to give a special 'lovin' to his dearest brother, Eiri.

I was going through my photo album and found some old pictures of us. *blows kisses*

Image Hosted by
Remember this one? You were so happy when I first came to visit you in your new apartment!

Image Hosted by
One of my personal favorites, I just couldn't get that chocolate frosting off your chin no matter what I tried. *sighs*

Image Hosted by
And this is the one right before I first jacked you off! What a fond memory that was *licks lips*
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