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Re-Awakening of the RP?

Dear RPG-ers of Gravi_rp

I know it has been a long time since anyone has rped in this community and i guess you all might assume it as a dead community.

I guess we all have busy lives and as a result, one by one, members are seen to be leaving the community.

But i vow to continue it. I don't want it to die.

I think we would have to regroup the players. If we can get sufficient players by the end of June, we can get going. But as currently, I wont be free to plan or make frequent posts. It'll have to wait till 'Mid June'.

As for sure, Yuki-san has been MIA since forever. I have not seen her post in her journal at all since she left the rp hanging in our hands.
I think if worse comes to worse, i would have to take over the RP. But i won't be able to modify the community profiles until i get in touch with Yuki-san.

Another option is to advertise this in the other Gravitation communities. But i have noticed that many other communities have been doing so as well, thus the competition is very strong.

But if worse comes to worse, we can always hold a few players.

All current members who see this post would have to respond to say if he/she would want to continue RPing.

~Your co-mod
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