Hiro (n_hiroshi) wrote in gravitation_ooc,

Cancelation of Ta-chan's post

I was thinking again. To make things easier, I would like to cancel the post Ta-chan did with Ryuuichi. This would ease the whole process of the rpg. Just make believe that the post didn't exist at all.
Ryuu-chan will carry on being with K-san back from the flight from America.

So, in conclusion, Ta-chan's character would be eliminated until we can find another rpger to replace him.

Sorry for the confusion.

NOTE: if there are no objections, the moderator would like us to advertise our rpg community for our missing characters so that we can get a whole complete Gravitation team.

I would like everyone to confirm the characters they are holding. Pls tell me if you can handle the characters and if you can't and want to give them up, pls inform me too.

I'll be advertising the characters below in Gravi communities so that hopefully we can pick up people whi are interested in taking up these characters:

Judy Winchester
Micheal Winchester
Uesugi Tatsuha
The Ask members
Uesugi Mika

Have i missed out any other characters? Pls inform me before i post it in the other gravi communities for advertistment purposes.


yr co mod,

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