Ayaka (_darknessangel_) wrote in gravitation_ooc,

ok... it has come to my attendtion that no ones barely on leaving everyone else who is hanging and waiting on you. the rpg is going very slow. I'm afriad this rpg might not work out and eventually will die . so we need to pick up the pase if not what I fear will happen .

your co mod.

Agreed *nods head
I second Ayaka's statement.
I would think this community will die in no time if everyone keeps on with what they do.(Not posting or even commenting)
I've seen Robyn make an effort to post something and i appreciate that really much. But now, everyone seems to have just abandoned this rp.
Except Ayaka and me, i guess.
Tatsuha has left too.(if anymore skipped the post Karu wrote.)
There is no point of continuing if everyone has that don't care less attitude. What is this rpg for with out any players
I hope everyone who reads this post would at least take some initiative to run your characters a little more.

Your concerned co-mod
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