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Pls take time to read this!!

Since i haven't been able to see our moderator online lately, i have to bring up a few minor and somewhat major problems we've been having for the past months, in the ooc(well, this is why its created for anyway)...(I'm sorry about this but if the rpg is to go on, then we have to really take these matters into serious discussions)
*Ps*I don't hold a grudge on anyone and i hope those rpgers mentioned below would not feel offended on what i have to say here.

Well...before we start reading the bad news, i would like to review some good news...

New characters(for those who are in the dark of what is going on)

1)Ayaka is taking another character: which is Noriko and...

2)Maiko-chan has taken another character: which is Yuuzi(Yuuzi has already started on the current post)

ok thats the end of the good news...

Lets move onto the bad news...


1)wakalaka07, the rpger of K-san and Tohma-san Either you move the characters or we'll have to just take back the characters you are holding.(i'm not taking this personal but this is for the interest of the whole community) We can not just let you keep the characters idle just like that, as the rule has already stated that characters must post once a week, the least.(unless you have really no internet connection and have no way to post)

2)Sakano-san seems to have been MIA(missing in action) for quite sometime. If anyone can contact him/her, pls relay the message that the community has to go on and ask him/her to post on the ooc whether he/she is still in/out.

3) for Suguru-san and Syuuichi-chan, pls kindly take note of your posts. We had to manuver your characters quite frequently(by changing the story line) to suite both your absence, and keep the community moving. This is rather inconvenient because the storyline will be distorted and the main characters would be switched and become side characters!!

Thank you for taking time to read this post^^;
I'm really sorry about this, but the posts are getting really slow and this update will hopefully spark some initiative for those who have left their characters idle for quite some time.

yr co mod

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