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Guess what guys?! As i was masterminding the plans...i totally forgot to tell Syuuichi to think of something and make the...Syuuichi and Yuki bump into each other part!! Guess now we'll have to change the plans fully. Now, i guess( my suggestion is that) since we're all at NG corp now...i suggest in the later scenes, Yuki can just appear and bump into Syuuichi in NG corp(remember that both out you haven't met each other before). Maybe when, Syuuichi was going to the bathroom. or something...(getting a drink)? well its up to you both to work it out, and then you both can put in the lyrics sheet part. "maybe syuuichi was going to the bathroom with the lyrics sheet in hand since he was supposed to do the opening for the ASK concert...and Yuki-san can start condemning about the lyrics...etc."(its all just a suggestion. its all up to you both to turn it around)

And not forgetting...Can Ayaka pls finish the scene with Yuki, so that we can continue on with the current post. I don't think it'll be a good idea to let yr post hang like that. I'll try to finish the Ryuuichi and Ta-chan post.

Sorry about it guys

I'm trying hard to fix this mess...

Thx for all your cooperation. I appreciate it a lot!!
yr co mod
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