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Okay hi everyone,
Mod here and she has something to say. I don't want to seem bitchy, I know we have lives of our own but if we have a large gap of time where no one posts anything the RPG slows down and those of us that are more active than others get bored. So here it is, I'm trying my best to firm and strict but easygoing all together so cut me some slack lol

1. I am giving everyone here a chance to tell me what they'd like to do to make the pace move along if everyone is not satisfied with how things are going.

2. Everyone here has a busy life away from the comp I assume so I'm not trying to rude or anything but 3 or 4 times a week posting isn't too hard I think, if it tell me. See if we all post that frequently we can have the rpg excel. And it doesn't have to be 3 or 4 days straight in a row, you know what I mean? For example, You could post Monday and maybe Wednesday if you want, than if your not busy and you want to post thursday go ahead and than since some people like their friday night life or whatever (I don't know how all of you do your fridays) You could post either on Saturday or Sunday or maybe even both. If you don't have a comp that you can go on lj frequently let the co-mods and I know at least that would be understandable for some of you.

Okay I think that's all I have to say, I'm very upset though that Tatsuha was gone, but I guess we can't drag him back here. Oh and by the way this post is like an attendance sheet for all of you. I'm giving everyone 3 or 4 days to comment here with anything they have to say etc etc and when you do comment on this post you have to tell me if your still keeping your character. Here's the part where I might be bitchy: If you don't COMMENT on this entry by the third or fourth day, you lose your character! I'm not trying to do it to be mean but I need people who want to participate for the fun of RPG not people who just want it but don't bother to do anything about it.
And for those of you who think that your characters don't have a major part yet, try to mingle with the other characters that don't have a "major" part, or maybe you can make a different storyline for them, whatever. Just be active, I don't care how, even if its one measly post at least if you address toward another character than character could interact with you.

Well I think that's definitely it *looks around* Yep I think that's it. Now I'm going to drank some green tea to make my headache go away.
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